4 ways to tell if a sofa is made from real leather


If you are looking to purchase a new leather sofa, it’s important to know what type of leather the sofa is made from. Many furniture companies sell bonded leather sofas, using small pieces of discarded leather, mashed together into an emulsion which is then bonded (glued) together and then given a polyurethane coating. This is not real leather, even though it may be called leather because of its leather component.


So if you want a real leather sofa for your home, there are a few ways in which you can differentiate between real and fake leather recliner.




We’ll start off with the obvious. Real leather is of course more expensive than other synthetic materials out there. So if you think you’ve found a great deal, chances are it is fake. And then on the other hand, some furniture companies will sell PVC sofas for the same price of leather – we’re not quite sure why…


  1. Check the label


Sometimes it’s that easy! Reputable companies, such as Leather Gallery will happily supply an Authenticity Certificate of the type of leather used in their sofas. If they don’t, ask why.


  1. The smell and feel


The smell of Genuine Leather is unmistakable and like no other. In fact, this is what many people love about leather sofas. So don’t be shy, get smelling!


Real leather is more supple than imitation “leathers”. Leather is more workable and pliable which means that over time, it will stretch without splitting and tearing. So push down on the leather and see if it sinks slightly. Fake leather is usually more rigid and less flexible.


  1. The Grain


The grain of Genuine Leather should have imperfections or variations (this is how you know if it’s real). Fake leather is mostly uniform with no imperfections. It is also worth noting that some leathers are ‘corrected’ with a pattern, so there will be some uniformity in the grain.

You can visit a Leather Gallery store today for more assistance on finding the perfect new sofa for your home. You can also explore the online store, which offers layby plans to help you afford a quality suite.

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