MMS-Multimedia Messaging Support


Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) was formerly established within the Third-Generation Partnership Program (3GPP), a standards organization dedicated to requirements for the UMTS/GSM networks. MMS widely is evidenced by many in the industry to be among the greatest potential moneymakers for 2.5G and 3G networks.MMS can be really a standard to get a telephony messaging systems which let sending messages that includes multimedia objects (images, music, and audio ) and perhaps not just text messages as in Short message service (SMS). It is mostly deployed in cellular networks together side other messaging systems like SMS, cellular Instant Messaging and so on.

MMS is regarded while the best-of-the breed of recognized messaging technologies, exceeding SMS and electronic email to offer you an extremely multimedia experience for mobile users. The first commercial solutions appeared on the market in 2002 as well as the penetration speed of MMS is now fast approaching the essential amount for mass market adoption. By minding accessible technologies, MMS has acquired wide approval from major market players and great small business possibilities for your whole telecommunications industry autolampen.

MMS is the type of Short Message Service (SMS). Together with MMS, a cell apparatus is no longer confined to messages that are offline. It’s been designed to work with mobile package data services like GPRS and 1x/EVDO. MMS enables a large amount of applications covering business and private communication, entertainment and information.

You will find just two manners of shipping in MMS:

Inch. Immediate

2. Deferred

Services on MMS:

Shooting a photo via a camera phone and sending to a friend
Writing your own animated picture messages and sending to pals
delivering sound recordings

Supplying audio & pictures files with simultaneous playback

Music download & play
Maintaining photos to a on line album
Distant Defense

Challenges Confronted by MMS:

1. Content adaptation

2. Supply lists

3. Volume messaging

4. Hand Set Configuration

5. WAP Drive

MMS shouldn’t be bewildered with Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS), which is simply SMS with additional payload capacities, allowing a cell telephone to send and receive messages which contain specific text formatting such as color or bold, cartoons and pictures, icons, sound files, and special ring tones. MMS builds on the tremendous success of SMS usage and enriches communication options for mobile customers by simply integrating multimedia. Multimedia messaging is still seen chiefly as a customer support but is needs to become increasingly more of a community-based communication happening.

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