Anatomy of a Successful Casino Party

Everyone likes to have fun and there is nothing better than a party at the casino. But throwing a successful party at the casino is more than just hiring a few tables and dealers. A reputable casino hosting company will help to guide you in all considerations. Here are some guidelines to help you scale and plan the event on your own, so that a disreputable casino hosting company doesn’t try to over-sell it for things that detract from the experience.

Head count

You should have a very accurate idea of ​​the number of guests who will be attending before deciding on the number of tables and games. Of course, not everyone plays, but this is mainly because they don’t admit that they don’t know how. Make sure the casino hosting company you hire is able to teach the games to new players. You can even spend the first half hour teaching new players. With that said, you should be sure that there are enough tables to accommodate all of your guests. A poker table holds 9 to 10 players. Black Jack will have between 6 and 7 players. Dice and roulette vary depending on the size of the table. The main point is to be sure to ask, because not all tables are designed the same way safe and secure online casino. The worst thing that could happen is that you have players standing, because all the tables are full.

Have a room with room

Most casino parties within a typical single-family home can accommodate up to four tables and 35 to 40 players. Anything bigger than that and you should consider hiring the neighborhood club or a reception hall. Even if you think you can squeeze into another table here or there, remember that you don’t want to ‘fit in’ your guests. People should be able to flow freely between the gaming tables, food and drinks, and most importantly … the bathroom! If the weather is nice, some of the games can be located outside to give more space. Card games are generally not the best candidates, because a random gust of wind can send the cards through the streets. Dice and roulette are good candidates for an outdoor installation, if you need extra space.

Something is better than nothing

Even if you are playing for fun and not for money, you can still make things interesting and exciting for your guests by offering prizes at the end of the event to the winners. For a small casino party at home, this can be as simple as a trophy that celebrates the event. For a larger casino party, such as a corporate event or a fundraising event, larger and multiple prizes are more appropriate. One of the best systems for delivering prizes at the end of a casino party is to have a table displaying all the prizes with bowls of fish in front of you. When players withdraw their chips at the end of the event, they receive a number of raffle tickets (provided free by a quality casino hosting company) that correspond to their chip count. Then, players can distribute their raffle tickets in the fish bowls of the prizes they are most interested in winning. Even if game chips have no monetary value, playing to potentially win something in the end will always make the game more fun and exciting for your guests.

Time is everything

A typical casino party event is hired for 4 hours, including 1 hour of installation and disassembly. This means that you will have 3 hours of real game time. If you plan to serve your guests’ dinner on the front end, be sure to take this into account to ensure that you don’t shorten the game time. If guests arrive at 7 pm, plan to open the casino at 8 pm or 8:30 pm, otherwise the tables will be empty and the dealers will be waiting for the player for the first hour or more while people have dinner. Also, make sure you can extend the event, if necessary, and know what the cost will be.

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